West Kentucky Boat & Outdoor Show
CFSB Center - Murray, Ky
West Kentucky Boat Show

Protecting the Floor

The CFSB Center prohibits the use of all types of SPRAY cleaning products inside the CFSB Center, with the exception of water. These types of products damage the floor. It also makes the floor slick and dangerous and can be difficult or impossible to clean. Cleaning wipes may be used, however please make sure they do not touch the floor. The following cleaning wipes may be used:

Armor All Protectant Cleaning and Glass Wipes
Armor All Glass Cleaning Wipes
Stoner Glass Cleaning Wipes
Black Magic All-Purpose Cleaning Wipes
Pledge Multi-Surface Wipes
Windex Original Glass and Surface Wipes

Meguiar’s Natural Shine Protectant Wipes
Meguiar’s Supreme Shine Wipes

If you have tires in your booth, you must put carpet squares underneath them. The CFSB Center has carpet squares available. The carpet squares should be place carpet-side down. Additionally if you have heavy items or something in your booth that may damage the floor, the CFSB Center has plywood available for your use.

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