West Kentucky Boat & Outdoor Show
CFSB Center - Murray, Ky
West Kentucky Boat Show

CFSB Center Technical Specs

Upper level drive-in access is 14' wide x 9'10" tall.
Load-In Access to the Lower Level is located at Entrance D

Loading Dock Drive-In Access:
Height: 16'
Width: 14'
Freight Elevator
Weight Capacity:  8000 lbs.
Height: 7'10"
Width: 7'11"
Depth: 9'8"
Arena Access Door Clearance:
Height: 12'10"
Width: 12' 
House Equipment
Selleck Forklift: 10,000 lbs.
Clark Forklift: 4,000 lbs. 

Upper Level Technical Information
Load-In Access to the Upper Level is located at Entrance B

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CFSB Center Summary

Population Base: More than 560,000 people live within a 60-mile radius of the
CFSB Center.

Dimensions (Seating Retracted)
Lower Level: 40,002 square feet
Upper Level: 32,640 square feet

North & South:
151' Wide by 40' Deep

East & West:
121' Wide by 40' Deep